💥 💥  💥 OUT NOW ! NEW PUBLICATION by Kunstverein Milano💥  💥
💥 💥  💥 OUT NOW ! NEW PUBLICATION by Kunstverein Milano💥  💥
💥 💥  💥 OUT NOW ! NEW PUBLICATION by Kunstverein Milano💥  💥

💥 💥 💥 OUT NOW ! NEW PUBLICATION by Kunstverein Milano💥 💥

"Comment un petit chasseur païen devient Prêtre Catholique" by Georges Senga is a new artist's book published by Kunstverein Publishing Milano in occasion of the solo show at Museo delle Civiltà, Rome.
“The title of this project comes from a picture I found in the house of an acquaintance in Lubumbashi - Senga says - my hometown. The picture was a reproduction of the cover of a local newspaper, with an article entitled “Comment un petit chasseur païen devient Prêtre Catholique”, which recounted the biography of a Jesuit Catholic priest who was born in Belgian Congo, traveled the world and got back to his village. Together with the picture, I found some personal photos that the priest took during many trips in Europe and in the Mediterranean, and a collection of diapositives with Belgian landscapes. I was highly surprised: the acquaintance was the daughter of the priest. Knowing that Jesuits make vows of chastity and obedience, I felt immediately attracted to the life of Bonaventure Salumu, a man who moved from a province of Congo, became Jesuit, fulfilled his life with travels in many countries and eventually became a family man in Lubumbashi after the independence of the country.”

The texts collected in the publication (published in English and French, curated by Lucrezia Cippitelli) were commissioned from three young writers from Lubumbashi, Bibiche Tankama N'sel, Alexandre Mulongo Finkelstein and Ramcy Kabuya. The contributions are developed around the conceptual frame structured by the artist: the youth and education of Bonaventure; his travels; and family life in Zaire. Each one offers glimpses of a specific moment in the life of Salumu and as the images, they are neither documentaries nor narratives: they are exercises in speculative narration.

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