Kunstverein (Milano) festeggia 5 anni di collaborazione con Zirkumflex Berlin

31 maggio - 22 Giugno 2014

@ Zirkumflex | Berlin

presentando tutte le pubblicazioni della casa editrice KUNSTVEREIN PUBLISHING insieme al progetto Fellow Traveller dell'artista Michelangelo Consani.

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KUNSTVEREIN PUBLISHING è una casa editrice condivisa tra Kunstverein Amsterdam, Kunstverein Milano, Kusntverein NY. Nato nel 2009 ha pubblicato più di venti titoli, tra libri d'artista, monographs, progetti artistici e magazines fin'ora.

Startingpoint for Fellow Traveller is the “The Caspian Depression”, a Kunstverein publication reflecting on Consani’s work (curated by Matteo Lucchetti and published by KV Milano in 2012) in which three important projects on ‘degrowth’ are elaborated. With theoretical contributions by Serge Latouche and critic Paolo Emilio Antognoli Viti, this book became a small manual on how artistic practice may contribute to (re-) designing a
sustainable future.
Michelangelo Consani presents a papier maché sculpture built up of images he downloaded from the Internet, these pictures account for the historical period from 1957 (the launch of the Soviet Sputnik) to the present.
The artist chooses two representative images for each consecutive year, ‘appropriating emblematic events’ that have marked history and pastes all 114 images together, giving them a new shape on each occasion. The result is an itinerant sculpture that changes shape in every place in which it is housed. At the Convert Glassbox in Paris it took the form of a Red Army star, in Berlin the sculpture will undergo a metamorphosis:
questioning the transmission of memory and strategies for the fabrication of new forms of knowledge through contemporary art.