Open Ended

progetto di ricerca

A multifaceted and longterm research project (2010-2012) articulated around the notion of 'sharing' in the field of contemporary arts and culture.


Kunstverein Milano in collaboration and with the support of Foundation lettera27 Milano

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The project involves presentations, artistic projects, meetings and a publication exploring methods of knowledge production and sharing.

Open Ended is elaborated in a series of chapters and focuses in particular on production and sharing of knowledge through artistic practice, exhibition making, publishing and reception in the field of contemporary visual arts and culture, both in a socio-economical context as well as in terms of its ideological development.

Intellectual property in the form of copyright -- authority, authorship, authorisation -- plays an increasingly important role in contemporary society; the control of 'rights on ideas' affects the status quo of the economic order. Globalisation and technological developments have rendered questions around intellectual property all even more complex, while they have simultaneously stimulated alternative responses and strategies.

Open Ended confronts these developments and explores the methods and products that have challenged, or even defied, the economic, profitable, ownership of culture and ideas.