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The Last Lamentation
by Valentina Medda, a cura di Maria Paola Zedda
The Last Lamentation è un rituale funebre per il Mediterraneo, osservato dall’artista come luogo di attesa, sospensione e trapasso, incarnazione di un’assenza - deposito di corpi e corpo in sé.
The Last Lamentation is an art project articulated around the issue of migration and diasporas from the Global South that sees the Mediterranean transformed into a place of waiting, suspension, and passing away, a solid space of embodying absence.

A crossroads of present-day diasporas, the sea is here conceived as a place of reception and deposit of bodies and also as a body in itself that weaves and documents ancient and contemporary funeral mournings through the choral reconstruction of a ritual performed with the involvement of local and migrant women.
Greyzones by Nabuurs & VanDoorn
GREYZONES, whispers from Zwischenlandschaften, is not just a book, but a portal to a realm where language, human beings, stories and locations coalesce into an ever-changing landscape of ideas, experiences and possibility. (Nabuurs&VanDoorn)
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The Tilt of Time
MA Curatorial Practice IED Firenze
the third volume published as part of Kunstverein Publishing Milano's new series Extra: publishing projects developed in collaboration with students and educational institutions.
The publication brings together a variety of visions and perspectives on 'time' in an account of the curatorial project and a special section devoted to the artistic practice and extended interviews with Giulio Aldinucci, Fabrizio Ajello and Francesco D'Isa, Chiara Bettazzi, Alessandro Gandolfi, Jacopo Jenna, Namsal Siedlecki
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