Coffee Portraits

Ivan Moudov

At Kunstverein, Moudov continuous his reflections on Portraiture in the context of the visual arts field and beyond.


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Coffee portraits, relates to Moudov's academic formation as a painter where he addresses the traditional theme of the portrait in an unexpected and spirited manner. Individuals may have a coffee with the artist after which the remains in the cup photographed by the artist will be interpreted by a clairvoyant and subsequently presented within a frame in the manner of conceptual art a photograph juxtaposed with a text portraying the subjects characteristics and lifetime.

Coffee portraits is an ongoing project by the artist who has kindly agreed to render it available to Kunstverein's research and efforts to sustain itself whilst maintaining an independent and investigative outlook on contemporary art and its wider functioning.

Ivan Moudov (Bulgaria, 1975) is becoming one of the most notable artists of his generation and an important point of reference for the contemporary Bulgarian Art scene. His work evolves around the idea of an art involving and invading much more powerful and overwhelming social and cultural structures and practices such as television, advertising, technological means of communication, publishing, social media and even road regulations.

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