Certificate of Authenticity

Ivan Moudov

In the frame of Turbo Conceptualism Kunstverein presents an retrospective exhibition in the form of a catalogue for sale.

10 - 12 April 2015

@oTTo, Milano

Would you like to contribute to the development and progress of contemporary art?
Would you like to become the owner of an artwork?
If so, we have the solution for you!

Straight after Moudov’s project at the Cultural Center Tobačna in Ljubljana, Kunstverein presents the second stop of the survey exhibition in the form of a catalogue of the artist. Every page of the exhibited catalogue is an unique work of art available to the Gallery’s visitors at an affordable price.

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All the pages of the catalogue containing reproductions of the artist’s works are for sale, as well as the pages containing texts written by a variety of authors. By purchasing a page the new owner will officially approve the publication of the page in the catalogue and will thus also become its co-editor.
The name of the page owner and consequentially the owner of the work of art will be published in the colophon, unless the buyer wishes to remain anonymous. Furthermore, the owner of an individual page of the catalogue will also become the owner of all the periods on that page. He or she will be the exclusive owner of such since the artist will insert them by hand on all the printed pages intended for sale. The final, version of the catalog for circulation will not include periods.

The traveling exhibition is based on reduction, since with every subsequent exhibition the amount of pages available will decrease while the extent of the catalogue will grow proportionately. Any pages not sold in Ljubljana will be available at the exhibition in Milan, the pages not sold in Milan will be put up for sale at the artist’s exhibitions later in the year. The printed version of the catalogue will be published only at the end of 2015, and the pages that no one has purchased by that time will not make it into the catalogue.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this great opportunity to become the owner of an original artwork by Ivan Moudov, which will be made available at the exhibition opening at a very attractive price. All buyers will receive a certificate confirming the originality of the artwork with the author’s signature.

No returns.
Lifetime warranty included.

exhibitions of Certificate of Authenticity:
Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre, January 2015, Ljubljana
Turbo Conceptualism, Certificate of Authenticity, Kunstverain Milano, April 2015, Milano
Turbo Conceptualism, Tranzitdisplay, May 2015, Prague
Certificate Of Authenticity, Artists Club: Cofre- Fort, October 2015, Brussels
Certificate of Authenticity Kluckyland, October 2015, Vienna
Vandalizing the Market, ICA-Sofia, November 2015, Sofia

Kunstverein is grateful for the hospitality offered by oTTo.

Installation views (c) Daniele Mafeis
Ivan Moudov, Certificate of Authenticity, Turbo Conceptualism 10-12 April 2015, oTTo, Milano