Kunstverein Milano is a nonprofit organisation and an experimental curatorial platform, founded in 2010 as an itinerant research and production project for contemporary art.

Kunstverein Milano is part of an international network of sister organisations, "kunstvereins in franchise", with chapters in Amsterdam, New York and Toronto. Kunstverein Milano is founded and directed by Katia Anguelova, Alessandra Poggianti and Andrea Wiarda.

Kunstverein Milano functions as an open space for dialogue and exchange, as a pop-up meeting point, a screening room, a library and exhibition space.
Exploring dynamics between the public and the private, Kunstverein reflects on how cultural practices are traditionally administrated and uses non-conventional methods to host contemporary art's many languages, in collaboration with artists, curators and cultural professionals with the objective to formulate hypotheses and respond to urgent contemporary questions in a completely independent way.
Conscious of the fact that definite answers do not exist, Kunstverein intends to develop acquired knowledge, to exchange and to alternate points of view, and to learn continuously.

Kunstverein is an independent cultural association and is supported by our members, institutions and companies who wish to contribute and participate to art and culture supporting Kunstverein's activities. To become a member please check out the modalities here.

KV Survey Shop is one strategy to sustain the work of Kunstverein Milano.



Kunstverein (Milano)

Founders and co-directors

Katia Anguelova
Alessandra Poggianti
Andrea Wiarda

Assistant curator

Daniele Maffeis

Collaborating editor and curator

Andrea di Serego Alighieri


Kunstverein [Amsterdam]
Kunstverein [New York]
Kunstverein [Toronto]


Tania Gianesin
Hou Hanru
Cesare Pietroiusti
Roberto Pinto
Guillermo Santamarina
Barbara Visser


To all who in various ways have contributed to the project of Kunstverein Milano.